communist partaay.
i though this was hilarious. it was on somebody’s page. look at Karl Marx, hes a real party monster. Anyways just doing some reading right now, getting pwned for this Thursday. Two midterms, the big assesment project, and meeting my UF, which just reminds me I have to make a letter of introduction for them. And wow, that assesment thing is a pain the butt. IT took us like 3 weeks, and we’re still not done. We saw a group today frantically panicking. They just started at noon today. Good job team! For the win! I think I saw them freaking out in the computer lab, and then I remembered that one girl totally hyperventilating. She was like “IS USING THE TEST BANK PLAGARIZING?” Why yes it is. Anyways I wonder how they are doing now. They mus tbe crapping their pants. I would. With that thing due and lal that jazz on Thursday it ain’t gonna be pretty. Anyways I gotta get back to reading. This textbook is so ridiculously boring. Its almost as bad as my Philosophy 375 text. Except that I actually liked that course. Come to think about it, I really loved last term. Ah well. I look forward to spring now. Its just around the corner! I can’t wait until I can wear shorts……..

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