>WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. This is soooooo cool. I totally am going to get this. MARIO KART! YES!

“January 26, 2006 – After weeks of rumor and speculation, Nintendo today finally revealed its expected redesign of the Nintendo DS handheld system. Called the DS Lite, this new design will be released in Japan on March 2, 2006 and cost 16,800 yen (about 140 bucks US.) The redesign retains all the functionality of the standard DS, but makes things smaller, lighter and brighter.”

WOWOWOWOWOWOW. I am so EXCITED this is the best announcement since the 5th gen iPOD video. Oh I love you Nintendo. Anyways Defintely on my list of things to do this year- Buy Nintendo DS Lite. And Mario games! WEEEEE.

Anyways what has been happening to me? Hmmm I met a lot of new people this week in my Education classes and they are totally cool. And I handed in my lesson plan despite several setbacks. And now I have 1 big project due this Thursday, as well as 2 midterms for Educational Psychology 301 and 303, which is going to be a huge PITA, but whatever. I am going to read 3 chapters today. I will. Trust me. And then tm, I have to meet up with my group again…..I hate projects but whatever. And did I mention Nintendo DS Lite? WOW I LOVE NINTENDO Anyways I better get started on reading. I will finish my 3 chapters today. Otherwise I will be seriously screwed. Anyways have a good day.

Remember. Nintendo DS Lite. Its the best thing to happen since I became king.

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