>Greetings. Its Saturday Night

Hi I really love Sony. NW-A1000 Walkman in purple.

Anyways back to a recap. Today I spent a lot of time in the library doing my group project designing a grade 7 biology exam, which turned out to be a lot harder than expected. I guess its because you dont expect to do TestWiseness and use Bloom’s Taxonomy of Knowledge to make them. But wow. No wonder teachers ge looked down on. It looks like they just hand out random assignments and talk, so why are they being paid for it? But now on this side, I really think its a huge PITA and really, I have a new respect for them. Also today, saw Mrs.Konduc, my Grade 9 science teacher, as she was in charge of a teacher’s conference in the Faculty of Education Building. Really interesting to see your teacher from 6-7 yrs ago, and now you’re becoming one of them. We talked and had a discussion about how almost all of my classmates from Riverbend Junior High are no longer in school, which was kind of wierd thinking about it. I think only two of them went to university. Wierd. Anyways I guess it was nice seeing her, she gave me a lot of teacher’s resources and contacts if I need help. And of course some tips for when I start student teaching. Ah well. I guess its kind of wierd seeing her as a colleague now and not a teacher.

Maybe I need to act more professionally from now on. I don’t really want to, as I love being stupid and enjoying life, but I guess there’s a time and place for me to act as a professional adult, and well maybe that time is now. It wouldn’t be proper for my students to see me as the same classroom idiot I was for the past 15 years. I won’t get any respect from that.

Also I really wanted to goto Coffee House but I couldn’t. Which makes me kind of mad that I wasn’t totally productive in the time I could have gone there, but whatever. Next time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >this comment thing doesnt work.

  2. >uh.. ok?.. seems to be workingYAY for ME! Point-out-the-obvious-woman!!!

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