>What is it? Asshole Week?


O.k. so I lied, I need to type something other than about education cause this assignment is driving me insane. This week was crap. I don’t know what happened, but everything that could go wrong went wrong, just like Murphy’s law. Except instead of things going just wrong, I also had to deal with assholes who decided to make my already crappy week, even worse. Lets start from the beginning shall we?

1)First off, I get king of the jerks telling me my career is dumb and I’m not fit for it anyways. Thanks. See below post.

2)I’m standing in the book store looking at my text books. I put down my running shoes on the ground to look at something. I’m a nice person, so I move as FAR RIGHT as possible to the lane, so that others can walk by. Of course some tall jerk comes by and stomps on my gym shoes completely covering their’ whiteness with his dirty footwear. I look up at him and expect maybe even a sheepish look, nvm an apology. Instead of any of that, he ignores it and pretends nothing happened. He just walks right by and goes to his books. Philosophy. Whys is it that people in Philosophy piss me off so much? You guys tell me my job is mediocre, you tell the professor is stupid and argue pointless ideas and waste my time, and now you stomp on my gym shoes. I KNOW you felt that shoe under you, you just didn’t want to apologize. Listen up. I hope society stomps back on you. University students have NO etiquette. Just the know how of being able to study. I honestly hope somebody slaps you one day for your ignorance.

3)People that don’t say thank you when you open the door. For them. And like their group of friends and family. Honestly just nod or something. SMILE. You don’t even have to say thanks. Instead you look at your feet and avoid eye contact or remain in obvious bliss and continue talking to your pals. I also hope society stomps you.

4)Then I was supposed to go to University at freaking 8am on a Sunday because of a group project. Already tired, I wake up and am all ready to go, when the car doesn’t start. SCREW YOU CHEVROLET. Thanks a lot. I got up for nothing, pissed off my group members and didn’t finish my project. And it wasn’t even cold outside. Great.

5) Impatient jerks on the road. You know who you are. When I’m trying to turn, I don’t push the gas into oncoming traffic. But you honk me anyways. And stare angrily. Also you the stupid Asian man that honked/glared/stared at me because I slowed down to let in somebody. IN CANADA WE HAVE ETIQUETTE. You should go back to China Mr.Idiot because we don’t need you here.

6)People that do not stop at crosswalks. IT IS A PRIVELAGE TO DRIVE. And when I’m on a freaking crosswalk you have to stop. You don’t go when you see me starting to walk. And you certainly don’t go when I’m halfway across the damn crosswalk. You know who you are.

End rant.

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