>Now its all about the boys.

>Hmm interesting story. Well remember how yesterday I had random girl attention? (which for some reason were all either Persian, Indian or some middle eastern ethnicity) Well today it was the Boys Strike Back. I walked into two different bathrooms today with random guys peeing in the urinals doing their thing. Well I go to the sink, I’m washing my hands and with the first guy, I suddenly see him turn and look at me, and we make eye contact…..while he’s still at his business. Whats wierd about this is that when I’m at aurinal and when most gusy are at the urinal, you DO NOT look away at anything, especially other guys at eye level. Its just awkward. Well whats more, is that it was a stare. He didnt look away for a while. I saw movement in the mirror as I wash my hands, and I look up and hes staring at me, while holding his …yeah ok you get it. Its uber wierd, and uber queer. I didnt know what to do, so I was like um ok look away. Thats not too bad. But then the second bathroom I walk into, there’s another guy standing at a urinal. This time the guy looks at me, looks back to his urinal, and then he looks at me again, really hard, and says “HELLLLLLLO!” I book it our the washroom really really fast. I dunno it seems that this year is just really really different for some reason. There was another guy at the locker rooms that came back twice to look at me, but I think that was because he was looking for a locker, at least I hope.

I wouldnt care if it was some guy just looking if I was elsewhere. I mean maybe hes just crazy or something. But not when he’s at the urinals in the bathroom. Thats just too wierd. Actually come to think about it, even outside the wasroom is wierd. Remember the time at West Ed people? Yes and how he was like “Hey its you”. Ok, I think I give off some bad vibes or something.

I must be a big wierdo or soemthing. I’m not sure, maybe its because my hair or i dont know. But now that i officially grab men’s attention, it is kind of queer.

Actually there was one more time there was a guy at the end of this really long hallway in the locker rooms. He was drying his hair in the blow dryer thing, so hes standing there, and probably just took a shower, cause hes naked. Well thats not big news most people are naked in the men’s changing room. I guess you just get used to it when you go there everyday. But what was wierd was that as I walked the length of the hallway down, which is a good 40 second walk, he STARED at me the whole time, and as I got closer and passed him on my way to the sinks, he TURNED his head to continue his staring. What was even more creepy was that he was drying his hair so his arms are all behind his head, totally exposing himself. Of course I’m totally freaking out, I’m a short guy, so having some huge male doing this is totally disgusting and scary. You can ignore something like that, but in the corner of your eye, its like hes there going “I CAN SEE YOU!” Honestly…..wth.

Good night, I have a resume to write.

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