>omg omg omg new Apple laptops

> 4.5 times faster than the current powerbook? omg i want. plus built in isight, new magnetic power plug, backlit keyboard, Apple wireless remote, even thinner design (drool) plus a brighter/better display? wow. and DUAL core Intel processors. wow wow wow. Oh and btw my classes really really suck. I have so much reading now.


>SON OF A…….i was about to email everyone about wings again this wed, but then i remembered my diet. so much for a social life. great.

>First Day of School…Getting Ready for School

> Well the first day of classes was incredibly boring and long. Some of my classes are 2 hrs straight and others 2 and a half hours. Lovely. I just realized that in the next month or so, they will be trying to cram as much information as possible in my brain in hopes that…