>What the hell. I just had the most wasteful morning of my life. I wait for two motherfing lines in the Administration building to get my student loans signed and the little man tells me I have to goto the butterdome to get them signed. So I walk over there, but guess what? There’s nobody there except some joggers. So I just wasted all my time because the idiot in admin said “we are too busy”. You’re too busy to sign my papers? Then you send me on a wild goose chase to nowhere? Thanks a lot dick.

Plus I noticed another thing. I get hot really really easily indoors. Just waiting in line and walking around makes me get pins and needles, as I think some FOB (i meh fobs) said, “yeet-hay”. Hmmm maybe I should get that checked out. Its seriously a pain in the ass, the minute I walk inside, I have to take off my jacket.

Then a most curious thing happened yesterday. I think this is the 5th thing to happen this week that I would find undoubtably interesting and foreshadowing that 2006 is going to be a different year. My father decided to hook his computer up to my new wireless network, but unfortunately was unable to connect. Blah blah blah, a lot of techinical talk occured, which is already wierd because we rarely talk a lot anyways. But then after I managed to get him connected, (hoo-ray for me, since he’s a certified Microsoft technician or something, and I pwned!) he started asking me about my career choices and how everything was going. I’ve never had this sort of talk with him before which is really wierd, but at the same time, I’m pretty happy that we had it.

In conclusion I just want to say that I really hate stupid people. Yes you, the idiot working in Admin. Thanks for all your useless input and advice jerk. I hope your pants light on fire today.

Hmm oh and what else happened? Well today was the first day of classes and I’m sitting here in study hall which makes me wish they didnt take it apart and turn it into the ugly POS computer lab it is right now. Study hall always reminds me of first year. But yeah I dunno, maybe i should go find my classes but no.

Oh and last night we went to sushi at Eastbound Eatery which was interesting because they sold steak and wings there and there was a pre-dominant caucasian presence. Now dont get me wrong, I have nothing against caucasians, I love them. I am so whitewashed. But yeah, kind of wierd seeing us as the only asians in a sushi joint. Mind you it also had a sports bar, jerseys and like sofas so…yeah it was not a real Japanese restaurant as far as I am concerned. But yeah pretty good sushi, and it was uber cheap. 11 dollars got me spicy tuna rolls galore, which i totally love, and salmon and tuna sushi. Plus a few new york rolls which I still dont know why they are called new york rolls but whatever. But then the waitress was really stupid and screwed up out bills and after a big fiasco we left , but she was pretty dumb. Again, I hate dumb people. Not like dumb intellectual people, but dumb people with no common sense. Oh and what else happened? Oh yeah Jen and Vicki didn’t show up. Thanks.

Oh and we had bubble tea, which was good because I found out the difference between milk tea and a shake. The difference is that the shake sticks to the cup. There is NO difference in consistency. But it costs 75 cents more. Again what a stupid idea.

Ive got to get out of here.

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