>Happy New Year and a Wierd Week.


Well even more interesting things keep unfolding as the most fantastically wierd week of my life opens up. I wonder what else is in store for me. One things seems certain- 2006 is going to be an interesting year.

on my lists of things that usually dont happen:

1.The accident- I’ve never been in a situation where something of this magnitude happened. For others in the car, it might have been different, but for my position, it changed the way I view life, and on top of that, reinforced ideas I was already pondering. I think the big overall theme is that life is too short to piss and ponder over useless things like how many mp3 players I have or what Sony is going to release next month. I feel like i want to do soemthing with my life that is meaningful, that actually is unselfish. If I have gotten anything from this accident, its that my life, my goals and my wants dont really have any impact when your possibly dead. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how much prestige you’ve managed to claim, you lose it all. And in the end it is only God who judges you and by this idea, I need to stop being such a selfish jerk and actually put my words into action. I know I have the attitude of wanting to help others, its just a matter of getting my feet moving and stop stalling. After something happens like this well…..yeah.

I want to get invloved with charity, with organizations that help peopl ewho are clearly in dire need of basic privelages/needs that I and many other Canadian take for granted. Hopefully I can start getting into this soon. There are people in need out there, and this is what my life should be directed to, not myself.

2.Did I mention I just checked my GPA for Fall 2005? I got a 3.625 GPA! Omg omg omg. This is getting better and better. Well it wasnt so much better b/c of accident, but the year is looking good. I keep going up, 1st yr was 3.0, 2nd yr was 3.2 and now 3.6? WOOT.
But this isnt really life changing, but seriously. I rock. We should all love me and be happy for me.

3.Seeing friends go again. Seriously its sad. You can’t do anything but stand there, cause nobody wants to leave first. Oh well. It was a seriously fun Christmas break. I love you guys. Wait till spring break.

4. Something else happened that was interesting, but I’d rather not post it. But I am quite happy about it, although intrigued as hell.

5.Not sure what 5 is but considering how many things have happened in the year 2006 in the first freaking week, well I wont be surprsied if a Brontosaurus shows up in my backyard in a thong. Seriously how random would that be?

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